Our passage is going well. Fast & flat seas for the first few days out from Hawaii and now motor sailing NE roundthe high pressure expecting the first front of the Westerlies to meet us tomorrow night.

Life has not been uneventful. We had a special visit from a pod of whales. They seemed curious and came very close to the boat. Dave thinks they were Sei whales because of the surfacing action & double blowhole. Jan thinks they were Minke whales due to size and inquisitive behaviour. This morning we had dolphins as far as we could see to starboard for about an hour. There were always some taking turns riding our bows and some leaping and jumping along. Small petrels fly around, and one night Dave thought there was a rat on the starboard side of the boat only to discover a petrel scabbling around inside the cabin. We had a day of jellyfish, and now we have lots of phosphorescence at night.

We have just had confirmation that we have a spot in Victoria Inner Harbour on the wharf August 15-19 (although we might leave 18th). ? between Ship Pt & the float plane dock. We hope our Victoria friends will visit. Champagne for first few arrivals or between those dates. We shall have cell phones working by that time. Jan 403 919 4686; Dave 587 228 3049. Mark (250 661 1012) & possibly Neil will also be in Victoria.

It has been a wonderful 16 years since we left Victoria. We are returning with a mixture of excitement and regret.

Dave & Jan

www.techco.ab.ca/dulcinea for position updates