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Developing seismic processing software

Company History

Techco commenced business in 1980 as a technical subsidiary of the Calgary oil company Coho Resources Ltd. The principals were Peter Lake and Dave Hutchinson.

In 1982 Techco was bought out by Dave Hutchinson. At this time its clients were evenly split between USA and Canadian companies. The only software product was MASTT residual statics. By 1984 Techco had clients in Europe, Australia, and Asia and SDCON Surface consistent deconvolution was also being shipped and used. 1984 SEG papers on deconvolution and multiple suppression were delivered by Dave Hutchinson (Techco) and Brian Link (Seiscom). Since that time Techco's business has been uniformly split between Canada, USA, and the rest of the world. Throughout the 1980s there was also work into Wavelet processing, and all of Techco's processes were generalised to run on 3D data. Two papers were delivered in 1987 on Phase Balancing , which is Techco's technique for detecting phase differences in near-surface filtering observed in unstacked data. In the 1990s there has been a lot of effort in the fields of migration, and phase corrections for near-surface dispersion, and the interactive product INSPECT has been developed and marketed.

In 1997 Wilf Kruggel made a strong addition to the company.

In 1999 Tom Rose also joined Techco.

Techco's goal is to question and develop the fundamentals of the seismic processing sequence, thus improving the match between the physical earth and the mathematical model used in data processing. This is achieved by describing the recorded seismic data in simple reasonable terms and then designing the algorithms around this model.

Techco's commitment to developing software for the exploration industry has resulted in over 20 application processes which have been licensed.

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