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People - Wilf Kruggel

After graduating from the University of Alberta's geophysics program in 1987, Wilf spent a year processing seismic data before he found his true calling as a programmer. He spent the next few years writing software at Kelman Seismic Processing Inc., where he acquired valuable experience both in programming and in geophysics. He functioned primarily as a maintenance programmer in the early years, then made a transition to graphics programming in the early 90's.

Wilf joined Techco in the fall of 1997 primarily because his new boss was a fellow whitewater kayaker. His secondary reasons had something to do with expanding his programming and geophysical horizons. Since joining Techco, Wilf has acquired skills in Java and has written a phase shift demigration and a Kirchhoff prestack time migration, in addition to aiding in the support of Techco's existing software. Wilf's interest in kayaking continues unabated and with relatively few injuries.

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