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FxyPred is a 2D/3D noise suppression module based on prediction filters. It supplies two options for noise suppression. The first approach is the standard one described in the literature.  It's effective but can be somewhat harsh, to the point of damaging signal.  The second approach was developed by Techco and is not as aggressive on noise but does not touch signal in the same way. 

is also capable of working in prestack mode using cross-spread gathers.  Each cross-spread is treated like a mini-3D volume.  This results in a fairly robust prestack noise suppression. 

Finally, if you've ever tried fxy predictive approaches on binshared data, you'll know that it doesn't work that well.  When noise is replicated on neighboring traces, it becomes predictable and is not removed.   Techco has added a modification to beef up the robustness of the noise suppression in this case.

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