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Main Software Products - INSPECT

INSPECT is an excellent tool for obtaining a consistent wavelet phase throughout a data set. It may be useful for land or shallow marine data wherever surface conditions vary. This includes transition zone data between land & marine, changing outcrop in land data, changing weathering conditions below the surface, and many other reasons.

The authors would like to think that any oil or gas well location selected on a stratigraphic seismic play should be checked with these techniques before drilling, as INSPECT may be able to differentiate between changing phase of the reflector at depth, and changing phase of shot/receiver coupling in the near-surface.

INSPECT is a MOTIF interactive product which allows interactive viewing of seismic data volumes ( including large 3D volumes ). Fast presorting and stacking algorithms allow INSPECT to work from prestack data to display stacks of different modes with different corrections. Regions of the data set may be interactively selected to calculate surface statics and surface consistent phase corrections. It is not unreasonable to view 1,000,000 seismic traces using a single CPU sun workstation.

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