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Main Software Products - MASTT residual statics

MASTT A powerful surface consistent statics package for 2D and 3D land or shallow marine seismic data sets. MASTT has been used world wide since 1982 to solve complex problems involving large residual statics.

MASTT is simple to use. It is a batch process which requires no input other than the unstacked data with conventional geometry headers attached. There is a proprietary, semi-intelligent picking algorithm which derives time picks for each trace input. This algorithm has different sub-algorithms which are optimised for different qualities of data.

The MASTT solution uses a median value criterion to obtain statics from these picks, rather than the more common least squared error solution.

The output is a set of shot statics which are applied to the data, receiver statics which are applied to the data, CDP structure terms which are not applied, and residual NMO terms which are not applied to the data.

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