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Techcoview is a java program which displays various outputs from Techco products, like decon operators, inspect operators and mastt 3D statics.  It requires java version 1.6 or higher.  In addition to this, it uses Java3d.  The program can be started via java webstart using the launch button below.


The viewer program is able to display various types of data. When a data source has been loaded into the program, information about the data currently under the cursor is displayed in a hotcursor area at the top of the program.

In addition to viewing basic Techco related data such as sdcon operators, inspect operators, 3D mastt statics and summig line geometry, the program can input Hampson and Russel GLI "rpt" format statics data.  The GLI data is displayed as a graph above the Sdcon or Inspect data displays. 

The program has 3 menues:

Keyboard Navigation:

To change the shot, cdp, or receiver line displayed in graph view, use the 'd' and 'c' keyboard keys to move up and down in line numbers.  To change the frequency slice which is displayed on a map view, use the same keys.  When attempting to proceed beyond the range of lines represented by the dataset, the program will beep and the display will not change.  When in map view, going past the last displayable frequency will cause the display to wrap around to the first frequency.  In the same way,  going below the first frequency will wrap around to the last.

File Menu:

To start, use the file menu to open a Techco data source.  In the case of Mastt3d, the data source will be a file.  In all other cases, the data source will be the directory name specified in the program output.  For example, to view sdcon operators choose the directory whose name matchs the CSPFILE parameter.  If there is an "rpt" file to view, open it using it's menu after opening the operator file.

The program will initially display a graph view of the shot operators.  If the data set is a 3D, the first shot line will be displayed.  Other display types are available under the view menu.  There are two major catagories of display types: graphs and maps.  Maps are available only for 3D operators.  The surface shot or receiver locations are triangulated, colored and rendered.  The elevation of the surface location is respected.
The color of the triangle represents the amplitude or phase of a particular frequency for the stations that form the vertices of the triangles. 

In addition to opening data sources, there are two options for outputting displays from the program.  The first is found under the "Save as JPEG" menu item.  It will output the current image as a jpeg.  The image will get it's title from a setting in the Plot Parameters dialog.  The second option will print the current display, bypassing the creation of a jpeg image.

The three menu items related to saving are:
  1. Save Defaults to save general program defaults such as window size and position.  In addition the current display settings are saved.  All subsequent instances of the program will use these settings as the default starting configuration.
  2. Save Parameters to save the current settings for the project.  If a project specific setting file is detected when the dataset is selected, it is loaded and used to replace the default settings.
  3. Save and exit to save the current settings and end the program.

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Dialog Menu:

Plot Parameters supplies various controls for controlling the display of data.  Useful documention tips will appear if you let the cursor linger over any field on this dialog.

Decon Parameters supplies a few parameters to influence how the decon operators are designed.

Cursor Tracking will display a small dialog which graphs the data currently under the cursor.  As the cursor is moved from one data view to another, the graph changes to show the amplitude or phase as a function of frequency.

Color Bar shows the relationship between amplitude or phase and the color on the display.

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View Menu:

Graph views of any component found in the data source is available.  For Sdcon, this includes shot, receiver and cdp.   For Inspect, only shot and receiver are available.  Mastt doesn't currently allow graph views.  Graphs are of a particular line within the dataset.  If a line and/or offset term is available in the operator data source, it is displayed at the bottom of the graph view page.  Three copies of the line term are plotted on the left side of the graph to make it more visible, followed by the offset component.

Shot and receiver amplitude maps are available for both sdcon and inspect.  Mastt3d will display a map view of the shot or receiver statics.

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