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People - Dave Hutchinson

Dave was born in England, and has a BA and MA degrees from the University of Cambridge.

He worked overseas on field crews for Seismograph Services Ltd. from 1971 to 1974 and emigrated to Canada shortly after joining Sefel Geophysical in 1975.

At Sefel Geophysical Dave worked under Roy Rubenok, and became manager of R & D after Roy's retirement.

Dave married Janet in 1977 and has two sons, Mark and Neil.

Techco commenced business in 1980 as a technical subsidiary of the Calgary oil company Coho Resources Ltd. Dave Hutchinson and Peter Lake were the principals of Techco from the start. In 1982 Dave became president and sole owner until 1999 when first Wilf Kruggel then Tom Rose also became shareholders.

In 1998 and 1999 Dave traded in his outdoor life with the volunteer Canadian Ski Patrol System, rock climbing, kayaking, and back-country skiing in order to refit an offshore sailing vessel. Dave & Jan spent 16 years sailing 100,000 miles (one and a half times around the world) & seeing life from the cockpit of their sailing boats Harmonica and Dulcinea.

After returning to Canada in 2016, Dave continued work on MASTT statics software, and also undertook some overseas land travels.

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