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Main Software Products - VELANAL

VELANAL is a velocity analysis by which the user bases their choice of a correct velocity on the stack image generated by that velocity. The main features of this program are:

VELANAL interfaces naturally with SUMMIG, a Techco product which performs prestack time migration. It is a quick and intuitive QC of a seismic data image and the velocity field which generated it. It is written primarily in Java with certain very portable pieces of code written in c and c++. This allows the program to be placed on multiple hardware platforms with no programming effort. It requires that at least java 1.3 be installed on the host machine. VELANAL uses a flexible SEGY header format, configured by an ASCII file. The minimum information required is inline, xline, cdp-x and cdp-y. For 2D data, inline must be a constant value and xline must be set to the cdp number of the stacked trace.

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